mixing & mastering services


Rates are only estimates and may vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Rates are in CAD for Canadians and in USD for international clients.

Taxes may be applicable.

Julia Hall

Artistic Director at VÆNTRAL

" We have been working with Spick-Saucier Productions for a few years now. His experience in music and his artistic approach make him a brilliant ally for unique sound creations. With Arnaud, it is just as possible to refine a sound in its optimal quality, as to develop a new world with its own textures and narration. A relationship of trust has therefore developed, given his deep listening, his curiosity, his thoughtful nature and committed to exploring the possibilities of renderings, treatments and styles. His work is carried out with careful professionalism and clarity of information, which makes him a reliable and valuable collaborator for the long term ! "

Spick-Saucier Productions

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